Entrance of Student Rooms

Authorized agents and personnel of Buena Vista University reserve the right to enter University residences including student rooms/suites at any time for the purposes of maintenance, repairs, inspection for health or safety, violations of University regulations and emergency situations. Students grant permission to enter their room when they inform any Residence Life, Maintenance, or Housekeeping staff member of a maintenance request/work order. Residence Life Staff and/or Campus Security Officers may enter student rooms at any time in order to fulfill their administrative duty to enforce university regulations, rules and policies and to ensure safety. In case of emergency, fighting, screaming, etc., staff members and/or Campus Security may use a master key to enter the room. As a matter of courtesy, all staff members shall knock on the door, announce who they are and ask to enter the room. If there is no response or a delay in opening the door, the staff member and/or Campus Security may use the master key to enter the room. A written notice will be left for the occupant(s) if entry is necessary while no one is in the room.