Chalk Policy

Buena Vista University recognizes the need for campus organizations to promote their activities, services and ideas to the campus community, as well as the need to provide a visually pleasing and safe setting for the campus community and its visitors. This policy is designed to balance the challenges of creating a learning environment that simultaneously promotes expression of ideas as  well as responsible, active citizenship and mutual respect among all BVU community participants—those who live and work here and those who come to visit. It is not the intent of this policy to censor or control the content of notices or other materials which are approved and posted on campus. 

  1. Chalking is allowed on designated walkways and shall be restricted to:
    1. The sloped walkway west of the ITC entrance between the two drain grates.
    2. The main or lobby entrances to the following residence halls: Grand, Liberty, Pierce-White, Swope and Constitution.
    3. South entrances of McCorkle and Briscoe.
    4. Areas 20 feet from entrances to the residence halls.
  2. Chalk must be water soluble and removable by natural elements. Designated organizations can pick it up in the Office for Student Affairs.
  3. All chalk will be removed every Monday.
  4. Individuals or groups must sign their announcements. Unsigned chalk will be removed immediately.
  5. Items must be in accordance with BVU conduct codes and shall not contain any word or words, illustrations, drawings or symbols that are obscene, profane or discriminatory or violate any BVU policies as contained in the Student Handbook.
  6. Violation of the chalking procedures will result in the immediate removal of the chalk
  7. Any decisions regarding the appropriateness of the message will be made by a group which will include a representative from Student Activities, a faculty or staff member, and a Student Senate representative to be convened by the Office for Student Affairs.