We promise our students a solid internship experience, a degree in four years, and a job or entry into graduate school within six months of graduation.


TruePromise means we stand behind our students’ hard work and determination, which not every university can say. At least not like we can! We put three crucial pieces of college in a nutshell and guaranteed them to our students. Once admitted to BVU, our promise to you is granted. There are no applications, no entering criteria, and no other loopholes to jump through. No messing around here!

1. Internship

Complete a meaningful internship in nearly any city big or small, research the unknown, or student teaching in the field you're passionate about by showing students innovative skills you've practiced in BVU classrooms.

2. Degree

Earn your degree in 4 years or less, cutting out thousands of dollars you would otherwise be paying. How about we enter the real world on a good note, instead!

3. Job or Grad School

Secure a job or entry into graduate or professional school within six months of graduation. Our students’ success is our priority and your goals for the future are at the forefront of our minds, too.


Buena Vista University offers professional help on cover letters, interview skills, resume building, alumni connections, and competitive internships. We even host our own workshops, practice sessions, and etiquette dinners tailored to what BVU students are looking for.

Career Ready

BVU professors have the ability to present one new opportunity after another, focus on their students, and give them the customized tools and skills they need for success. From the STEM Lab to our high-definition video production facilities, our students graduate ahead of the game.

Actual Jobs

Alex went from a waiter in college to a TD Ameritrade employee. Makensie went from a student photographer to a Habitat for Humanity manager in Guatemala. Let us lead you down the path to a job in a stimulating industry you’ve only read about, giving you something to write home about.


Want to take your art and biology skills further with a master’s in prosthetics? How about delving deeper into chiropractic and seeking a professional degree? BVU graduates are doing just that, and find themselves leading the pack after their one-on-one experiences at BVU.


Peace of Mind

Career options after graduation

"I'm planning to attend medical school after I graduate. It won’t be easy, but TruePromise guarantees that I'll have something to fall back on whether it be med school or another stepping stone for my future. My parents don't worry as much knowing that I’ll have options after graduation and I wont be job hunting or at home."

— Courtney Studer, '20

An equation for success

One less stress factor

"TruePromise benefits Courtney because it's a guarantee that she will get through college in a timely manner and enter graduate or med school. No parent wants their child to attend college, then not have a plan when finished. Dreams are made to be realities, and with TruePromise, BVU is the first step for Courtney in pursuing her dreams."

— Todd Studer