Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards For Continued Enrollment

The following guidelines describe the criteria to be used for assessing the academic standing of students at Buena Vista University and will also be used to assess a student’s eligibility for financial assistance. This policy will be used to assess academic standing for all students, not just those receiving financial aid. A student must maintain both a specific cumulative grade point average and proceed through the degree at a specific minimum rate (satisfactory progress toward degree completion). 

The two standards for determining satisfactory academic progress are defined as:

(1) Cumulative grade point average related to total number of credits earned. Based on credit hours achieved, the following cut-offs apply:

  • Cumulative Credits Earned: Probationary status
  • Less than 24: less than 1.75 CGPA
  • 24-55.99: less than 1.9 CGPA
  • 56+ or 2 years of enrollment, whichever comes first:  less than 2.0 CGPA

Grade point standing is determined by Cumulative Grade Point Average, not semester GPA. 

*Note: While a 2.0 is sufficient for graduation, some majors (i.e. education, athletic training) require a minimum CGPA of 2.5.

(2) Satisfactory progress toward degree completion

Students must complete 67 percent of the credit hours attempted to be eligible for financial aid and not subject to probation (divide credit hours earned by total credit hours attempted).

Process for determining student’s satisfactory academic progress:  A six member committee chaired by the associate dean of faculty, reviews student records three times a year, in September, January and June.  Any student not achieving either (or both) standards may be placed on academic probation, may be suspended from the University (which requires the student sit out at least a semester or term) or may be dismissed from the University (which results in the student losing his/her ability to return to BVU).

Students placed on probation, suspended or dismissed receive a letter of explanation from the vice president for academic affairs/dean of faculty.

Additional academic policies can be found in the BVU Academic Catalog.