Women’s Basketball Soars with 3.855 GPA

The women's basketball team is on track to have the highest grade point average among Beaver athletic teams. It would be the second year in a row, but the competition is keen.

Destiny Einerwold leads the BVU women’s basketball team with a 16.9 points per game scoring average. The senior forward is close to the top of her team when it comes to another important average, as in grade point average.

Einerwold’s 3.835 GPA was part of a team grade point average of 3.855 compiled during the fall semester.

“There’s a lot of pride on our team when it comes to academics,” says Einerwold, biomedical sciences major who minors in Spanish. “Our team was honored last year at the BVU Athletic Banquet for having the highest team GPA.”

“Students in our program come to BVU to become professionals, leaders in their fields; people who can change lives for 40 years and more after they graduate.”

Destiny Einerwold

And while the women’s basketball team aims to earn a repeat academic title, the competition is keen. Coach David Wells’ club was one of 16 BVU teams to top the 3.0 GPA mark during the fall. The Beavers’ women’s track and field teams (indoor and outdoor) and women’s tennis team earned GPAs of 3.458 and 3.426, respectively.

“The student part of a student-athlete comes first,” says Einerwold, whose cumulative GPA is 3.86. “Students in our program come to BVU to become professionals, leaders in their fields; people who can change lives for 40 years and more after they graduate.”

Destiny Einerwold

Einerwold, an Orange City native, was a valedictorian at MOC-FV High School who chose BVU primarily because of its strong School of Science. The fact she could compete in basketball and tennis was a bonus. Her athletic involvement has taken her to sites across the United States and to Costa Rica, where the basketball team competed two summers ago.

Einerwold’s academic pursuit took her to an internship at Sports Rehab & Professional Therapy Associates, where she observed Dr. Brad Rohwer, physical therapist, among others. It was Rohwer, a 1991 BVU graduate, who directed Einerwold’s rehab as she recovered from a broken foot that resulted in torn ligaments and bone spurs. Einerwold rehabbed after a pair of surgeries in 2018, working her way into basketball shape by competing on the women’s tennis team.

Her journey back to collegiate competition intensified her interest in the medical field, putting her on a track to become a nurse practitioner. A Spanish minor, she says, will aid her in a quest to fully communicate with while treating a wider range of patients. Einerwold is currently assembling a BVU Honors Project on a dual-language program serving children in the Denison-Schleswig Community School District.

“I love Spanish, and being able to speak it can only help me help others as I advance my career in the medical field,” she says.

BVU team GPAs

Here are GPAs compiled by several teams in the fall semester at Buena Vista University:

  • women’s basketball: 3.855
  • women’s indoor track and field: 3.458
  • women’s outdoor track and field: 3.458
  • women’s tennis: 3.426
  • women’s golf: 3.399
  • women’s volleyball: 3.358
  • women’s soccer: 3.339
  • softball: 3.337
  • men’s tennis: 3.307
  • men’s golf: 3.156
  • women’s cross country: 3.118
  • cheerleading: 3.098
  • baseball: 3.093
  • men’s indoor track and field: 3.080
  • men’s outdoor track and field: 3.080
  • men’s cross country: 3.062