Tanner Hoops Begins Career at ESPN

The 2018 grad was exposed to radio opportunities from the start of his time at BVU. Now he is proving that hard work pays off, by watching his aspirations become reality.

After graduating in spring of 2018, Tanner Hoops managed to land a job at ESPN. Like many sports fans, Tanner has dreamed of working at one of the most popular sports networks in America, and this year he was ecstatic to announce his acceptance of the position of sports director at ESPN Radio in Marquette, Michigan. Tanner has earned it, too. During his time at Buena Vista University, he worked with professors like Andrea Frantz, professor of digital media, to make the most of his college career and help build and expand BVU’s radio station, KBVU’s, athletic programming.

Tanner was exposed to radio opportunities from the start of his time at BVU. As a freshman, he began broadcasting BVU sports on KBVU. Thanks to his vision of what sports broadcasting at BVU could be, BVU students now cover seven different sports on the radio. From this level of program development, Tanner has gained experience in more than just broadcasting; by learning how to operate soundboards, recording clips, and much more, he became an expert on the technical side as well.

Some of his other experiences include interning at Northwoods League and writing sports information articles. Tanner received several awards for his work as a student, including placing first in the nation for radio sports package and second for best sportscast. Tanner credits his success to the freedom and mentorship that he received at BVU. When it comes to teaching, experiences, and skill-building, Tanner says, “BVU flat out nailed it.”

As a sports director for ESPN Radio, Tanner will be directing a team of people to develop a variety of productions to be broadcasted. He will be overseeing the development of sports broadcasts in the area and directing all studio activities. This includes the assignment and use of technical facilities and scheduling of studio facilities. A big congratulations to Tanner Hoops and his new position at ESPN!