President Merchant Forecasts the Weather

Merchant appeared alongside WHO meteorologist Jeriann Ritter and beloved mascot Buford T. Beaver to deliver a chilly fall forecast in Des Moines.

President Joshua D. Merchant can add “guest meteorologist” to his repertoire after appearing on WHO-TV Channel 13 News on Sept. 28, 2018 alongside Jeriann Ritter SL’99. Buford T. Beaver also accompanied President Merchant as he delivered a chilly fall forecast to central Iowans during the early morning hours. This is the second time President Merchant has been asked to appear on Today in Iowa.

Ritter was last on campus in May when she served as master of ceremonies for President Merchant’s Presidential Inauguration on May 4, 2018. Ritter graduated from Buena Vista with a bachelor’s degree in mass communications. She then earned an advanced certificate of broadcast meteorology from Mississippi State University. At Inauguration she said, “I was lucky to get the chance to practice being on TV here first.”