High School Class Helped Computer Science Major Decide on BVU

After taking a college-level course in computer science while attending St. Mary's High School, Colby Snyder was set on heading to BVU.

Colby Snyder’s college choice was influenced by a college class; a college class he took during high school.

“I took a college-level computer science class at Buena Vista University with Dr. Jason Shepherd (BVU Professor of Computer Science),” says Snyder, a graduate of St. Mary’s High School in Storm Lake. “I liked Dr. Shepherd so much, I decided on BVU.”

Snyder eventually became a computer science major as well, making a switch from graphic design. The 2020 BVU graduate begins work in July at Ag Spectrum in De Witt.

“I enjoyed all the computer science professors.They’re all so good at getting you more into what the real world will be like.”

Colby Snyder

“I enjoyed all the computer science professors; Dr. Shepherd, Dr. Shawn Stone (Professor of Physics and Computer Science), and Dr. Nathan Backman (Associate Professor of Computer Science). They’re all so good at getting you more into what the real world will be like.”

Snyder prepared for his first job by interning in the summer of 2019 at Fareway Stores, Inc., corporate headquarters in Boone. He spent his time doing internal applications. He’ll serve Ag Spectrum as a software development specialist.

Snyder, who served as secretary for BVU’s Association for Computing Machinery club, competed in computer programming contests during his BVU experience. He joined fellow computer science majors Tyler Freese and Marco Uribe in winning a contest held in Orange City, a fitting way to end his senior year.

The contests, he says, now become real work, something he’s extremely excited to tackle.