Beaver Olympics is a Winner for 700-Plus Storm Lake Middle School Students

Storm Lake Middle School students took part in activities on campus. More than 50 BVU students guided them through dodgeball, an obstacle course, dance yoga, and other fun activities.

More than 700 Storm Lake Middle School students who hit third-quarter benchmarks hit the track and the obstacle course and much more in reporting to Buena Vista University for the second annual Beaver Olympics on March 7.

Activities hosted and organized by some 55 BVU students thrilled the middle school students who participated in Beaver Olympics as their reward for reaching their third-quarter goals at the middle school.

“Students came in and for two solid hours played games like dodgeball, volleyball, bags, and did the obstacle course and dance yoga,” says Heather Runneberg, assistant director of admissions at BVU and organizer of Beaver Olympics.

Storm Lake Middle School faculty members were joined by BVU baseball and football players, who donned their jerseys while helping facilitate the events held in the Lamberti Rec Center and Siebens Fieldhouse. Students, many of whom are education majors, were organized by Jamie Schoenherr, instructor of exercise science.

The day represented a win-win scenario for both BVU and Storm Lake Middle School. “One of the middle school instructors came up to me at the end of the day and talked about one student who has never been in school sports,” Runneberg says. “He told his teacher he’s going out for track because the BVU students told him he had athletic ability.”