Any person 16 or older is welcome to use the BVU Library collections and computers. Library users younger than 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Please stop at the Circulation Desk and sign the Community Guest register to receive a guest password that will allow access to our computers. Print outs can be made at a cost of five cents per printed page. Prints sent by patrons logged in with the guest password may be picked up at the library Circulation Desk.

Members of the public interested in checking out material from the BVU Library should inquire at the Circulation Desk about the purchase of a "Community Guest" library card. The card costs $15.00 annually and allows the holder to check out materials from the BVU Library. Community Guest card holders may also use the BVU Interlibrary Loan service to request materials from other libraries.

Because of licensing restrictions, Community Guest card holders do not have off-campus access to the BVU Library databases. Members of the public may only use the databases when they are physically in the library.

Patrons wanting simply to use a computer or library materials in-house need not purchase a community guest card.

School Group Visits

Teachers from area high schools may arrange a "research day" for their students. We are able to accommodate groups of up to 25 students. Students should have a specific project requiring research assigned to them. A reference librarian will work with the class showing them the resources the library has to offer. The students will then work independently gathering resources for the remainder of their time here. Visiting students may check out library materials during their research day if their teacher and local high school librarian agree to be responsible for returning the materials.

Students should come prepared with pens or pencils, paper or note cards, and money to pay for printing or copying.

Visiting student groups may arrange to eat on campus, but please notify our food service staff in advance.

Because of the nature of the collections in the Buena Vista University Library, visits by student groups younger than 9th grade are not recommended.

High school students who use the BVU Library individually or in small groups outside of a school-sanctioned "research day" will have the same privileges as other public visitors.

Contact the Buena Vista University Library Reference staff toll-free at 877.288.2240 or 712.749.2203 to arrange a date for a class visit.

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