Storm Lake

Not only are we a college town, but this home away from home also boasts a lake, rich heritage and history, diverse cultures, and opportunities college students thrive in.


The shores of Storm Lake are unbeatable for the quiet reflection and focus you'll want for studying. But, we're also the hub in Northwest Iowa that your friends will want to visit you. From fun in the sun to ice hockey, and boutiques to pad thai, Storm Lake is the place for adventure and discovery you'll want in college.


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High school seniors and college transfer students: receive a $1,000 per year award when you make an official BVU visit to our Storm Lake campus before March 31, 2020.

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Life in Storm Lake

“Storm Lake is gorgeous. I can walk around campus any time of day or night and campus security makes me feel safe. I love to walk around the lake and chat with friends.”

A Welcoming Community

“Campus is a community within a community because it’s like our own little town, and the people in Storm Lake are really friendly. They never make me feel like a stranger.”

Culture and Diversity

“Storm Lake really is a safe place, but a lot of people in Iowa aren’t used to the diversity that comes with it. I love the culture and feel much safer here rather than where I’m from.”

A Safe Iowa City

The National Council for Home Safety and Security named Storm Lake the 13th safest city in Iowa on its 2019 list, based on safety and crime statistics.


Places to Eat and Shop

Whether you're hoping to satisfy a late night burrito craving at an authentic restaurant, or dig into barbecue at wing night, this college town has it all. And believe it or not, you can find Iowa's Best Burger according to The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association and the Iowa Beef Industry Council, as well as Travel Iowa's 9th best donut bakery right here. Grab a coffee and go shoe shopping, or buy a new batting glove with your teammate. You won’t miss a thing in Storm Lake.

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Outdoor Recreation

You’re going to live and breathe college for four years, so don't forget to balance studying with friends, fun, and community.

"The outdoor rec here is awesome. We have a lake! We have paddleboards, bikes… You don’t have to bring your equipment. They have equipment here, and it’s nice!”

Kings Pointe waterpark and lake from above

Things To Do

The BVU campus has everything you need, but we encourage you to spread your wings and enjoy what our community has to offer. Work part-time at a boutique, or intern at a local business. From a waterpark to water conservation efforts, we’ll keep you busy and wanting to live like a local.