Living Arrangements

Buena Vista University is more than a university — it's a home and a community. Here, students live on campus all four years, choosing from a variety of different settings that foster friendship and fun.


BVU offers a variety of residential student living experiences. Residence hall living options include traditional arrangements like in Grand, Pierce, and White Halls.

There is also Liberty Hall - an option for those who choose to participate in Wellness housing, where they pledge to live a substance-free and healthy lifestyle.

The Suites – Constitution, Briscoe, and McCorkle – are reserved for upperclassmen and offer apartment-style quarters for six residents with a main living area and three bedrooms, each with their own bathroom. All residence halls are co-ed.


Campus Safety

Feel completely at ease

BVU is committed to student safety. Residence halls are locked at all times, and each building is equipped with fire alarms and an emergency phone near the entrance. Uniformed campus safety officers are on duty 24/7, and can provide a security escort, change a flat tire, or give your car a jumpstart.


BVU Campus Security

Campus Dining

We take food seriously at BVU, which means our coffee shop isn't without Starbucks, an ice-cream machine, and grab-and-go snacks. And when it comes to dinner, steak night is a can't miss. Students meet at "the serve" and have different meal options every day that satisfies even the hungriest football player.


Dining Options