Student Accounts

Business Office

Student Account Refunds

 Refund checks are processed for students with credit balances bi-weekly. Students will receive an e-mail notification when a check is ready and can be picked up at the Business Office. Refunds cannot be processed until the enrollment period has begun. If there is a parent loan on the account, checks must be sent to the parent who took out the loan. Students may leave a credit balance on their account by completing a credit authorization form at the Business Office. All applicable credit balances will be refunded at the end of the fiscal year. Student accounts may be viewed through Campus Connect at any time.

Credit to the student’s account 

When a school disburses FSA funds to a student by crediting a student’s account, it may do so only for allowable charges.

 Allowable charges include:

 • current charges incurred by the student at the school for tuition and fees and room and board if the student contracts with the school (Third-party or pass-through charges are not included except in the case of third-party housing contracted by the school;

 • if you obtain the student’s or parent’s (as applicable) written authorization, other educationally related charges incurred by the student at the school;

• prior-year charges not exceeding $200 (See the discussion under Paying prior-year charges later in this chapter.). (This section was taken from the Federal Student Aid Handbook.)