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Buenafication Day

Buenafication Day is Buena Vista University's annual day of service, and one of our most beloved traditions. On this day, classes on our Storm Lake campus are not scheduled and all Beavers give back to their communities.

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Buenafication Day 2020

Social distancing can't stop the spirit of #BVU Buenafication Day! Education for Service work went virtual as Beavers far and wide shared photos, video, and well wishes while completing service projects that spanned several days and several states.

Help Us Celebrate!

We need your help celebrating Buenafication Day 2020! In addition to service opportunities, we want to see you taking part in Buenafication fun wherever you are!

Send us video of yourself:

  • Banging pots and pans
  • Doing the Beaver Train
  • Enjoying a picnic lunch

You can be part of our virtual celebration!

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This Year's Projects

We are excited to continue to the spirit of service for Buenafication Day this year! Take a look at some of the available projects you can carry out wherever you are.

  • General Service
  • Storm Lake Area Opportunities
  • Digital Service

Community for a Brighter Tomorrow

Buenafication Day Artwork

Congratulations to Lena Gripp, the student designer of this fantastic Buenafication Day artwork for 2020. This image will be featured on t-shirts and other items for this year.

Thank you for sharing your talents with us, Lena! We appreciate your contribution to this BVU tradition.

Buenafication Day


Since its origins as "Hobo Days" in 1913, Buenafication Day has become a beloved tradition at BVU. Originally a relaxed and unstructured day of spirits, games, and festivities, it has evolved into a serious undertaking of civic responsibility at its most enjoyable.

In its most recognizable form, Buenafication Day has been an annual event since approximately 1980, when Student Senate and the administration arranged a weekday when classes were closed and students were instead given the opportunity to beautify (or "buenafy") the campus. Students were roused in the morning with banging pots and pans and met at the stadium for an announcement of on-campus service opportunities in the morning, and the evening was filled with entertainment.

Today, Buenafication Day is led by a committee of various students and administrators and is co-sponsored by the Office of Community Engagement, the Student Activities Board, Residence Life, and Student Senate. Students serve their community either by doing work on Buena Vista's campus, or going out into the community to clean buildings and grounds. The afternoon involves "BVU Against Hunger," where students participate in a service project based on meeting a community need. There is also, of course, the traditional evening entertainment, and smiling faces can be seen all over the community and students have fun during this day of service.

Last year, nearly 700 students, faculty, and staff engaged in service at over 30 different on- and off-campus locations.


If you have any questions or suggestions for Buenafication Day feel free to contact a committee member.

2020 Committee Members Include:

Wava Jarr,  Paige Vanderhoff, Jacob Hull, Kennedy Browkaw, Mckenzie Lansing, Tania Lopez, Hannah Reno, Tamara Dean, Isabel Haas, Tatum Hoadley, Khamedriah Grimes, Rocio Flores-Gonzalez, and Karole Iraheta from the students.

Dr. Ashley Farmer-Hanson, Tawney Schreier, Elizabeth Multerer, and Rylee Walters are staff members on the committee. 

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