Biology & BioMed Scholarship Program

Get your tuition covered and earn a paid fellowship!

The BVU Biology & BioMed Scholarship program provides students with the opportunity to have their entire tuition costs covered for their bachelor’s degree. Additionally starting their sophomore year, they can earn extra money through paid hands-on fellowships, which may be used for housing and food costs at BVU.


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Program Details

The BVU Biology & BioMed Scholarship program is open to entering Fall 2024 first-year students. Six will be selected into the program each year. 

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Earn Extra Income

Beginning sophomore year, students will have the opportunity to make $20 per hour and have the flexibility to work under one of two schedule options, earning between $2,200 and $4,400 per year.

Schedule Options:
•    Four hours per week
•    Eight hours per week


Paid Fellowship Details

Paid fellowship opportunities include:

  • Managing one of our core facilities within the Estelle Siebens School of Science- biology labs, anatomy labs, core animal and plant facilities, etc.- gaining hands-on experience while working alongside expert faculty.

Work is evaluated at the end of each semester for paid fellowship renewal. 

Program Eligibility

•    Scholarship recipients need a 3.10 cumulative high school GPA.
•    Recipients must be a full-time student and live on campus. 
•    To be eligible, recipients must major in Biology or Biomedical Sciences and remain with a School of Science major to renew.
•    FAFSA required. Federal and state grants will be used to help cover tuition costs if eligible. 
•    Preference is given to Iowa residents and/or students from towns of 10,000 or less outside of Iowa.
•    Must maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA at BVU to renew up to eight, consecutive semesters. 

•    Students eligible for this scholarship will complete a supplemental application. 

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