Frequently Asked Questions

Questions (and answers) about the BVU transfer experience.

Q. How do I know that I am being evaluated as a transfer student?

If you are a high school graduate or received your GED and have successfully completed 24 semester hours or more at an accredited college and/or university, you are considered a transfer student.

Q. What is the maximum number of credit hours BVU will accept from a two-year college?

The University will accept a maximum of 60 semester hours from a two-year institution.

Q. If I complete my Associates of Arts degree from an accredited college, will I be required to take general education courses?

Typically, students who have successfully completed their A.A. degree are not required to enroll in general education courses.

Q. What is the maximum number of credit hours that will transfer to BVU?

The University will accept 90 hours from accredited institution(s). Your final 30 hours must be completed at BVU.

Q. How does BVU determine what courses will be transferable?

During the application process, your official college transcript(s) will be evaluated by our Registrar's Office, along with the School Dean of your major(s) to determine how many credits and courses will be transferable. After your acceptance to the university, we will send you a detailed credit audit (evaluation).

Q. During the admission process does BVU require transfer students to submit their official high school and college transcript?

Yes! Before we can determine your admission status, we need to receive both your official high school and college(s) transcripts.

Q. Are academic scholarships available to transfer students?

Absolutely, our academic scholarships for transfer students range from $7,000 to $20,000 and are renewable.

Q. May I visit BVU?

Definitely! We encourage you to visit our 60-acre campus and meet with professors, current students, and coaches, along with touring the campus and meeting with our transfer coordinator. Please call us at 800.383.9600 or go schedule your visit online. If you would like to meet with a professor, please call us three days prior to your visit date.