Kelsey Lewis

Admissions Counselor

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Originally from Johnson City, NY, Kelsey feels like it was just yesterday that she was looking at colleges herself. "The process still seems pretty fresh to me, so I think I can relate to students well. I like to get to know about their interests and encourage them to try new things and get involved, just like I did in college," she says.

The softball alumna graduated from Alfred State College in 2017, where she held an outfielding position and learned to balance school and athletics. "It can be difficult to learn how to manage your time, but being involved in athletics and other clubs and organizations teaches you so much." Plus, for Kelsey, the softball team was an immediate group of friends made in college.

While many of the students she works with may be looking at their first couple years of college, Kelsey is already focused on their long-term success. "For me, it's all about the students," she says. "I want to be a helpful part of the process of finding their perfect college fit so they can not only be successful as a student, but find a job and a career they love after college, too." The quality of academic programs, as well as the number of impactful internships that matter to job outcomes, is something that Kelsey says sets BVU apart from other schools.

Another part of what drives Kelsey is the pride that every Beaver has in their school, whether they're a student athlete, a biology professor, or a staff member from the office of career and personal development. "Not every school has this sense of pride in their college, but BVU certainly does." One thing Kelsey likes about BVU is the athletic facilities, where she spends much of her time. When she's not in the gym, she can be found watching movies or spending time outside near the water in Storm Lake.