Marissa Barton

  • Enrollment Counselor

Marissa Barton is an Enrollment Counselor for BVU’s Online Programs. “Being able to hear student life stories, previous educational experiences, and future career goals is why each student gets treated as an individual here,” she says. 

Barton has a Bachelor of Science in human services and family life studies, which she earned from Wayne State College. She believes her ability to closely relate and empathize, is something prospective students value in her.
Barton was able to see the benefits of online learning when her father made the decision as a non-traditional student to return to school and earn a bachelor’s degree. She saw that balancing a full-time job, a family, and school, was possible. Barton believes that with the large support system available to students at BVU, they can truly become successful in advancing their education, too.

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