Dr. Lisa Mellmann

  • Professor of Chemistry and Biomedical Sciences

B.A., Wartburg College
Ph.D., Montana State University

Dr. Mellmann is the Principal Investigator for the nearly $647,705 NSF S-STEM grant titled Career and Research Exploration to Enhance Retention in STEM (C.A.R.E.E.R.S.). This grant aims to provide low and middle-income students with scholarships and support services to enhance retention into STEM fields. 

She has attended a variety of conferences for First Year Experience, Transforming STEM in higher education, and for liberal arts chemistry professors which have helped transform her classroom to enhance student engagement and learning.  She uses "flipped classroom" techniques and inquiry-based learning in courses to provide students with a better foundation of the material while enhancing their problem-solving skills.  She also utilizes hands-on learning and group work where appropriate to support learning outcomes.

Dr. Mellmann also enjoys providing outreach STEM opportunities to K-12 students through working with BVU students with the local after school programs and other opportunities as well as hosting SCI@BVU which brings 96 high school students to BVU for a day of hands-on investigative learning. She also teaches a core course for the AAUW Tech Trek camp for 8th grade girls in the summer.  Her research interests include investigating interactions of hemoglobin with nitric oxide and other biophysical reactions. 


General Chemistry I and II, Introduction to Forensic Science, Thermodynamics