Dr. Jason Shepherd

  • Professor of Computer Science

B.S., Buena Vista University
M.S., University of Nebraska-Omaha
Ph.D., University of South Dakota 

Dr. Shepherd joined the faculty at Buena Vista University in 2007.  Prior to joining the faculty, he spent a decade working as a software engineer and IT architect, having spent most of his time in the national defense (DoD), energy, and transportation industries.  He enjoys bringing those experiences into the classroom so that students can see the connection between computer science theory and real-world practical skills. 

Dr. Shepherd has been a recipient of both the George Wythe Award for Excellence in Teaching and the New Century Faculty Development Award for Advising.


Computer Science I, Algorithms, Software Engineering, Programming Languages and Compilers, Discrete Mathematics, User Interface Design and Development, Introduction to Information Technology, Web Application Development