Dr. Brittney Dinkel

  • Assistant Professor of Biology

B.S., Nebraska Wesleyan University; Ph.D., Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Dr. Dinkel completed her Ph.D. at Mayo Clinic where she studied the role of the G-protein coupled receptor CXCR4 in T cell activation. She characterized a novel signaling pathway that regulates cytokine production during infections or cancer.

Additionally, Dr. Dinkel has participated in the FUTURE program at the University of Iowa for two summers where she was worked on bacterial genetics projects. The first summer she worked with CRISPRi technology to characterize mechanisms that regulate bacterial swarming. The second summer she worked on a project identifying microbial species in the lake and determining the prevalence of antibiotic resistance. These summer experiences have included students and have resulted in new and exciting labs for the Microbiology course.


Microbiology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Infectious Diseases, Biochemistry, Biological Principles II, Immunology, Pharmacology, Using Science to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse