Dr. Alexander Berry

  • Assistant Professor of Biology

B.S., Ball State University; Ph.D., Miami University

Dr. Berry received his Ph.D. from Miami University in Ohio, where his research involved studying transgenerational plasticity in spiders. Specifically, he looked at how predator stress influenced the life history and behavior of future generations. He has also done research on the interactions between an invasive spider and its established competitor. Prior to his Ph.D. Dr. Berry taught middle and high school science classes, teaching students from the 8th grade level through Juniors and Seniors. He received his bachelor’s degree in biology/zoology with a minor in mathematics from Ball State University.

Dr. Berry is active in several professional societies, having served on the executive committee for the American Arachnological Society, as well as being highly active in the Animal Behavior Society.


Ecology, Evolution, Zoology, Entomology, Parasitology, Principles of Biology

Alexander Berry