Quick Facts

At Buena Vista University, we possess an innate instinct to build. It’s rooted in our identity as Beavers and in our belief that we can and should better the world around us. 

Victory Arch and Schaller Memorial Chapel, two campus landmarks
  • Buena Vista University has a total enrollment of 1,959, serving students on our Storm Lake campus, online, and graduate programs.
  • In a survey of the class, 99 percent of the Class of 2021 was employed, in graduate school, or otherwise satisfied with their career status within six months of graduation.
  • BVU has been a leader in online education for over 15 years.
  • The average student-faculty ratio is currently 11:1. The average class range is fewer than 20 students.
  • BVU students, faculty and staff volunteered approximately 40,000 service hours for the city, schools, churches, local organizations, and other locations. Volunteers at Buenafication Day help beautify the campus and provide needed services to off-campus, community sites. This proud tradition continues each year.
  • Over 68 percent of Storm Lake campus graduates and 89 percent of offsite graduates stay in Iowa to work and contribute to their professions and their communities.
  • Last year, 159 students completed internships, not including student teaching, research, or other applied learning opportunities.
  • One hundred percent of full-time Storm Lake campus students who applied for financial assistance last year received it.
  • Each year, BVU provides approximately $15.8 million in student financial assistance out of its operating budget.