Education Alumni and Licensure

Undergraduate Teacher Education Graduates

The completion rate (those who both graduated from coursework, including student teaching, and passed the Praxis II) for the 2021-22 academic year


  • 100% for Secondary Ed.
  • 100% for Elementary Ed.
  • 100% for Special Ed.

Professional School Counseling
BVU PSC 2017 Graduate Follow-Up Employment Results as of Nov. 1, 2017

  1. Middle School Counselor at Sioux City CSD
  2. School Counselor at AHST
  3. TRIO Counselor at Ellsworth College
  4. HLP School Counselor
  5. Business Teacher/At-Risk Coordinator
  6. MMCRU School Counselor - Pre-K-4
  7. At-Risk Counselor at Perry
  8. Alternative School Counselor in Council Bluffs
  9. Elementary Counselor at Boone CSD
  10. Missouri Valley Instructional Teacher
  11. At-Risk Counselor in Clear Lake
  12. Middle School Counselor in Vermillion, SD
  13. Elementary Counselor at Okoboji CSD
  14. School Counselor at Central City CSD - 6-12
  15. Middle and High School Case Monitor for YJI in Des Moines
  16. Counselor in Cedar Rapids
  17. Elementary Counselor in North Polk
  18. Counselor for Iowa Virtual Academy
  19. At-Risk Counselor at Bondurant CSD
  20. Elementary Counselor at North Liberty
  21. Elementary Counselor in Estherville
  22. Middle School School Counselor at Washington CSD
  23. At-Risk School Counselor in Grinnell
  24. Academic At-Risk Counselor at Epworth (Western Dubuque) High School
  25. Elementary Counselor at Corning CSD
  26. Substituting in Des Moines / seeking Middle School/High School Counselor position
  27. 6th grade School Counselor in South East Polk
  28. Middle School Counselor in Keokuk
  29. Part-time Counselor - K-5
  30. At-Risk Counselor in Cedar Rapids

In 2017, twenty-nine students graduated from the Professional School Counseling master’s program. (one was a certificate-only student).

Licensure Only:

  • Substituting in Sioux City area
  • Behaviorist Support at Fort Dodge Schools

2016 graduate survey (response rate of 89%) taken in May 2016 and updated in October 2017:

  • 21 currently employed
  • 8 working in a related counseling field in a school setting, e.g. At-Risk Counselor or Interventionist.
  • 4 seeking school counseling positions
  • 4 no information

Teacher Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction and Exceptional Student Services and Instruction

Students must be active teachers in a classroom setting as part of the application process for both the Curriculum & Instruction and the Exceptional Student Services and Instruction master’s programs. Students are already employed and will use the knowledge they gain to improve their current teaching practices in their current position or a new special education, talented and gifted, or English as a second language position obtained by completing the course work in the program. Some graduates do seek curriculum leader or teacher leader positions.