The bachelor of science degree is conferred upon students selecting majors from the sciences and/or mathematics.

The bachelor of arts degree is conferred upon students meeting requirements for degrees in all other major fields.

The bachelor of applied studies degree is conferred upon students who have completed an approved associate of science, associate of applied science, associate of applied arts from an accredited U.S. institution, or comparable degree from foreign institutions which Buena Vista University has entered into sister-school agreements and who meet the following BVU requirements: completion of the BVU general education program (intellectual foundations, intellectual explorations, designated writing requirement, and for Storm Lake students, Academic and Cultural Events Series (ACES) requirement), and completion of 36 credit hours from BVU at the 300/400 level.

Bachelor of applied studies students do not declare a major and are not required to meet any specified number of credit hours of single content-area upper division coursework but must complete 36 credit hours from BVU at the 300/400 level. Life experience credits do not count toward the 300/400 level requirement. Students completing a BAS degree must satisfy each of the six BVU objectives via a course taken at BVU or equivalent course transferred in. Only one degree will be conferred upon any one individual.

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