Student Success

Student Success provides students with opportunities, services, and support for learning outside of the classroom. We offer ways to develop and support the holistic student experience through 12 different student-focused departments.

Student Success at Buena Vista University strives to integrate our students' educational experiences into a learning community filled with opportunities, challenges, and services that promote the development of the whole person. Our job is to create an atmosphere where students can thrive within a learning community prepared to live and work in a global and diverse society.

Involvement in activities outside the classroom influence a student’s personal and professional growth as much as the academic experience does by providing opportunities in leadership, service to others and other skill development. Our staff is devoted to providing the programming and services that support education as a social growth process.

The Division of Student Success is comprised of the following departments led by student success professionals dedicated to the success of each and every student. Under the direction of the Vice President for Student Success, the division consists of: Retention and Student Support, Campus Security; Residence Life & Housing; Judicial Affairs; Student Support; Health and Wellness Services; Counseling Services; Center for Diversity & Inclusion; Student Activities; Community Engagement; Campus Ministry; Career & Leadership Development; Recreation Services; BVU Family Association.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to stop by our office or call 712.749.2123.

Student Handbook

View current policies, procedures, activities, and requirements for BVU Students.

Student Handbook

Staff and Resources

  • Dr. Lucy Shaffer Croft:  Vice President for Student Success 
  • Dr. Ashley Farmer-Hanson: Assistant Vice President for Student Success & Director of Community Engagement & Deputy Title IX Coordinator
  • Gina Hartman: Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Student Success and Coordinator of BVU Family Association
  • Elizabeth Multerer: Education for Service Scholars Coordinator
  • Tawney Schreier: AmeriCorps Community Engagement Coordinator
  • Rylee Walters:  Area Coordinator for Pierce, White and Grand Halls
  • Jessica Garling: Director of Campus Security
  • Julie Anderson:  Director of Counseling Services
  • Lori Berglund: Senior Director of Career and Leadership Development
  • Lorie Stanton:  Campus Nurse & Assistant to Wellness
  • Mandi Mollring: Assistant Director of Career and Leadership Development
  • Maria Pantoja Najera:  Administrative Assistant for Career and Leadership Development
  • Mike Walker: Senior Director of Retention & Student Support
  • Theresa Lullman: Administrative Assistant for Geisinger Student Leadership Center
  • Tami Laursen: Director of Health Services and Wellness
  • Trevor Berneking: Director of Esports and Intramurals