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Keeping Campus Safe: Students

Safety Practices and More

BVU has established health and safety practices for everyone to follow now that we have returned to campus. To mitigate risk and promote safety for our entire BVU community, please make note of the information on this page.

Last updated March 10, 2021
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The number of active cases on campus, as well as information and resources. COVID-19 Information

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Guests & Events

To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, BVU will not permit guests or visitors on campus through the 2021 Spring Semester. A "guest" is considered any non-resident of BVU, or those not working or taking classes on campus.

Campus programming and student organization engagement are planned in ways that accommodate all students, while maintaining University traditions. Events are altered in various ways to reduce risk.

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Questions & Answers

Questions and answers about Buena Vista University's plan for keeping students, faculty, and staff safe during on-campus learning.

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Buena Vista University, in accordance with members of the American Rivers Conference, has resumed competition with modified athletics schedules. We have taken precautions to minimize risk.

We understand how important athletic competition is to our student-athletes and their families, and we have implemented attendance policies in the best interest of our students, employees, and the entire Storm Lake community.

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Residence Life

BVU will continue to provide on-campus housing, with additional safeguards to mitigate the spread of illness. Changes have been made to move-in, cleaning protocols, and community spaces.

Learn more about these updated guidelines, as well as a list of additional items students can bring to campus. 

Residence Life Information

Campus Dining

We are committed to food safety and the well-being of all those who dine on campus.

As students continue learning and living on campus, we will continue procedures to promote safety, such as traffic signage within dining spaces, takeout/delivery packaging, plexiglass barriers, and physical distancing.

Campus Dining Information

This page contains health and safety information for BVU students. Faculty and Staff Resources

Student Testing

COVID-19 testing date and time availability can be viewed by booking an appointment through Health Services.

Residential and commuter students on our Storm Lake campus: if you suspect you have COVID-19 here are the steps you should take:

  • Remember to complete the COVID-19 Self Assessment on the BVU App daily. This assessment will help determine your next steps.  
  • If you receive a RED X from the COVID-19 Self Assessment, you should self-quarantine and email or (if in season). Schedule a Telehealth appointment using the "Book an Appointment" link for further assistance and/or medical care.
  • Health Services or Athletics will then set up a telehealth or face-to-face appointment for further assistance and/or medical care.
  • Athletes who have had a surveillance COVID test should not complete the daily mobile app self-assessment while waiting for a test.

Students who will not be on campus do not need to fill out the COVID-19 Self-Assessment, and we will not be reporting cases of those who are not on campus in our active case count. Students who remain on-campus will continue to fill out the COVID-19 Self-Assessment.

If it is determined that COVID-19 test is needed,  

  1. Student should complete the BVU TestIowa Student Assessment.  
  2. When completing the assessment, it is important students use their BVU address: 610 W 4th Street Campus Box: #, Storm Lake, IA 50588 
  3. When assessment is completed, contact Health Services at 712.732.1238 to schedule a time for testing.  

Testing will be available Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4 p.m. in Health Services & Wellness located in the lower level of the Fieldhouse, L-25. Book an appointment.

  • What students need to know for their test

We offer free TestIowa PCR tests on our Storm Lake campus to any student or employee who thinks they have been exposed to COVID-19 or is showing symptoms. Results are often available within 48 hours. If you have not been exposed and are not experiencing signs or symptoms you should not get tested.

Requesting a COVID-19 test requires you to enter quarantine, as per CDC guidelines. It means you have potentially been exposed or are showing signs and symptoms. The virus has an incubation period, so a negative test one day does not mean you are not infected. Optimal testing is done 5-7 days post-exposure or when symptoms arise, and the 10-day quarantine is used regardless of test outcome.  

We are conducting rapid tests to do surveillance testing but they are not being used for confirming cases. If a student has potentially been exposed or is showing signs and symptoms, a rapid test result, which is less accurate than a PCR result, will not change the 10-day quarantine status. We use the TestIowa PCR tests for potential exposures because the results are more accurate, and you will be in quarantine for 10 days regardless of which test is used. We want you to have the most accurate test results possible.

Health and Safety

  • Students will be expected to maintain six-foot physical distancing from others at all times including classrooms, hallways, the Serve, and all common areas on campus.
  • Students will be expected to limit face-to-face events and meetings that require close personal contact and replace those with virtual meetings or events. When physical distancing is possible, a minimum of six-feet should be maintained, and face coverings are required to be worn. Approved facial coverings include face masks, face shields, or a gaiter/bammie. A bandana is NOT an approved facial covering.
    Students will be required to correctly wear a face covering in classrooms, common areas, and when physical distancing cannot be maintained.  
  • Face coverings are also required outdoors if a minimum of six-feet of physical distancing is not possible.
  • While in common areas, students will have access to disinfectant spray and/or wipes and are required to disinfect personal space, personal items, and workspaces frequently before and after each use throughout the day.   
  • Due to limited quarantine and isolation space on campus—if a student is suspected or is confirmed as having COVID-19 or if they have worked with, lived with, or have been exposed to a person with a primary exposure—they will be asked to return home if they live within six hours of campus and have adequate transportation.
  • Students will be expected to perform frequent handwashing following proper technique (20 seconds with friction rub) using soap and water or hand sanitizer throughout the day. 
  • Students will be expected to follow respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette (cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or use the inside of an elbow). Used tissues are expected to be thrown in the trash followed by washing or disinfected hands properly.


BVU remains dedicated to maintaining a safe, positive learning environment while reducing risk. The University has established academic procedures and guidelines as we continue the academic year.

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BVU mobile app with symptom tracker

BVU App: Daily Check-In

The Buena Vista University app serves as a convenient location for our students, faculty and staff, families and guests, and alumni to access information and resources. The app includes the COVID-19 Symptom Checker, located at the top of the screen.

Residential and commuter students on our Storm Lake campus are required to complete the Symptom Checker before leaving their residence hall room, arriving on campus, or participating in any campus activity. Tap “COVID-19 Assessment,” answer all questions accurately, and submit. You will need a thermometer to take your temperature.

Users will receive either a green check or red X. A green check is your “cleared to enter” pass to campus for the day. When arriving on campus and throughout the day, students will be asked to show their green check in order to participate in daily activities such as attending class and entering Campus Dining.

Students receiving a red X must stay in their residence hall room and email or (if in season) for further evaluation.

Get the App Symptom Tracker (web version)
Washing Hands

Beaver Commitment & Training

All BVU students make the Beaver Commitment agreeing to take responsibility for their health, the protection of others, and take responsibility for helping keep the BVU community safe from the spread of COVID-19 and other infections—as identified and instructed by the University. The Beaver Commitment is sent to newly enrolled students via email.

Students will be required to complete the Student COVID-19 Training and Quiz before starting on-campus classes. The deadline for the Spring 2021 semester was Jan. 18, 2021.

The University will work closely with students who have self-identified as high risk for illness caused by COVID-19, and these individuals will work with Disability Services and Health Services as necessary to modify schedules, minimize presence on campus, work remotely, and/or learn remotely.

COVID-19 Training for Students COVID-19 Quiz Beaver Commitment Text

Additional Resources

Contact Information

Health Services & Wellness

Available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Email | 712.749.1238

Campus Security

Available 24 Hours

Office of Admissions

Email | 800.383.9600

Center for Academic Excellence

Email | 712.749.1237

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