Study Abroad

Global opportunities for BVU students

For students ready to leave the confines of the US and experience new ways of living, thinking and learning, the BVU Study Abroad Program provides opportunities around the globe. In the last decade more than 100 students have studied in over twenty countries on six continents.  They have pursued majors in English, History, International Business, Accounting, Biology, Exercise Science, Education, Art, Theatre, Music, Communications, Advertising, Marketing, Mathematics, Spanish, Political Science, Philosophy, Religion, Psychology, Social Work and more.    

Students abroad have participated in Internships and Service Learning and have completed Student Teaching.  They have traveled within and outside their host country.  They have become more confident, more articulate, more adventuresome and more reflective.  They have made new friends, developed new competencies, discovered new passions and have become new and better versions of themselves. Each year, students interested in an abroad experience work one-to-one with the Study Abroad Coordinator to find the perfect placement matching both their life and academic goals. Will you be one of those students this year?