Month of Gratitude

Suggestions on ways to live a grateful life each day this month

  1. Write a letter to a teacher who influenced you in grade school and let them know how much they are appreciated.
  2. Chew your food at least 25 times per bite at one of your meals. Offer thanks for those who grew, harvested, and prepared this food for you.
  3. Make sure to vote or encourage someone else to vote and be grateful for the freedom that allows us to live in a democracy.
  4. As you lay down to sleep tonight, take time to snuggle into the covers and the mattress and give thanks for a comfortable and warm bed to sleep in.
  5. Think about your favorite color. Spend today looking for your favorite color in your environment. Give thanks for eyes that allow you to see color.
  6. Wear your favorite socks. The warm ones, the fuzzy ones, the ones that make your heart smile. Wiggle your toes. If you are able, donate a package of new socks to a shelter – socks are some of the most requested and least donated items.
  7. Take the stairs at least once today if you are able. Give thanks for legs and knees that work and support you.
  8. Crank up your favorite song and sing along. Notice how grateful you are for artists, musicians, and writers who bring us joy.
  9. Dig through your drawer of shirts and find your favorite. Wear it today and think of the event it commemorates, or the friends you went shopping with to get it. Offer gratitude for loved ones and special memories.
  10. Cook, taste, or bake your favorite family food. Be grateful for the ancestors who came before us and laid a foundation for our lives.
  11. Find a veteran and thank them for their service that gave us freedom.
  12. Search out some water. This could be a lake, or a pot of boiling water on the stove. Give thanks for this small, simple molecule that makes all life possible.
  13. Today focus on watching small children in your corner of the world. This might be in your family, in the grocery store, or on a walking path. Be grateful for the innocent joy and enthusiasm of youth.
  14. Spend 10 minutes inside in quiet offering up gratitude for warmth during cold winter days.
  15. Help an elderly person in your life by raking leaves, delivering groceries, or sharing a cup of coffee. Show gratitude for the wisdom of a long life lived.
  16. Make an effort to watch the sunset or sunrise. Marvel at the beauty that is present each and every day without fail.
  17. Read something today. An article, a book, the back of a cereal box. Offer thanks for an education that enabled you to read.
  18. Think about a skill you have always admired but have no talent for. Give thanks for the diversity of humanity where gifts are distributed in ways to benefit all.
  19. Take a virtual tour of a museum. Notice the wide variety of creativity and skill exhibited by visual artists.
  20. Create something with your hands – a mudpie or snowman or loaf of bread. Give thanks for the myriad of muscles that combine with nerves to your brain to form fine motor skills.
  21. When you are alone and unmasked tape several deep breaths and give thanks for the fresh air that enables life.
  22. Make space in your day to really listen to someone else’s story without interrupting. Honor them with your time and attention and be grateful for the variety of people that contribute to our world.
  23. Hold the door for someone today, or offer a similar gesture, being thankful for that showing kindness is simple.
  24. Take moment to write letter of appreciation to your parents or a mentor. If they are not still alive, find some way to honor their memory by eating their favorite food, singing their favorite song, or something that was meaningful to you both.
  25. Take time today to count the number of "screens" in your home or the number of social media sites that connect you to others, and be grateful for technology that can connect you to others even when they are not physically present.
  26. Enjoy some time with family/friends today (online or in real life) realizing we are made for community.
  27. If you shop today, be friendly and patient, showing gratitude to retail workers and other customers you encounter.
  28. Support a small business or local restaurant in your neighborhood. This might be buying takeout or a gift certificate or leaving a big tip for your server. Show gratitude for those who contribute to your community.
  29. Take a nap and be grateful for the opportunity of rest!
  30. Share hot cocoa or coffee with a friend and talk about your holiday plans and greatest holiday memories, being thankful for this magical season.