30 Day Prayer Challenge

Join our community in praying for a different part of Buena Vista University each day of the month!

  1. Pray for the President of BVU and all that serve in the President’s office.
  2. Pray for the Vice Presidents of the University and their support staff.
  3. Pray for the Registrar, Business Office, Human Resources, and Financial Aid and their office staff.
  4. Pray for the Admissions office and all those who are considering BVU for their college home.
  5. Pray for the Bookstore and Library staff and all those who provide resources to support learning.
  6. Pray for Sodexho, Cru5h, and the coffee shop as they work to provide BVU with sound nutrition.
  7. Pray for 2FIX, the TLTC, and all those who work to provide for our digital needs at BVU.
  8. Pray for those who maintain our facilities and grounds that we might learn in a comfortable environment.
  9. Pray for our Online, Site, and Graduate programs and our Adjunct Faculty that serve the needs of greater Iowa.
  10. Pray for the Office of University Development and Alumni Engagement and all our alumni who support BVU in their words and gifts.
  11. Pray for the School of Education faculty, staff, and students as they work together to provide a better future for our world.
  12. Pray for Faculty Senate, Student Senate, and those that serve as our leaders and representatives.
  13. Pray for the School of Science faculty, staff, and students as they seek to learn more about our world.
  14. Pray for the Board of Trustees as they seek to lead BVU in ways that benefit all.
  15. Pray for our School Deans and Division Chairs as they mediate between administration, faculty, staff, and students.
  16. Pray for the faculty, students, and staff in the School of Liberal Arts.
  17. Pray for the First Year students who are adjusting to a whole new life.
  18. Pray for the second and third year students that they can persevere in their studies until the end.
  19. Pray for the faculty, students, and staff in the School of Business as they raise up tomorrow’s business leaders.
  20. Pray for our students who are in their last year as they look forward to graduation and life beyond.
  21. Pray for Mail and Printing and Campus Security as they work behind the scenes to keep BVU safe and running smoothly.
  22. Pray for our athletics program that our participants would stay safe and healthy as they learn to lead.
  23. Pray for Residence Life and Housing, that our students may find a safe and welcome space in which to pursue their studies.
  24. Pray for University Marketing and Communication as they represent BVU to the world.
  25. Pray for the staff, tutors, and students in the Center for Academic Excellence as they serve the wide variety of academic needs of our students.
  26. Pray for Health Services as they keep our community healthy in body in the midst of difficult circumstances.
  27. Pray for BVU’s Strategic Initiatives that propel us into the future.
  28. Pray for the Student Success staff that work together to encourage our students in so many ways.
  29. Pray for those on campus who are struggling with mental health, anxiety, and depression that they might find the hope they need in the midst of difficult times.
  30. Pray for the community of Storm Lake, IA that BVU may be a blessing to our wider community.