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Arts management students are presented with opportunities that sharpen their artistic skill and deepen their understanding of art or music—while also developing a working understanding of business. The arts management degree program is an interdisciplinary format that includes art and design along with business and communication courses.

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Why should I earn an art management degree?


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, museum curators earned a median wage of $46,710 in 2015 and job growth is expected to be 7 percent between 2014–2024.


Join BVU’s student-run Art Club, host your own art shows, and showcase your talent.


You have 24-hour access to state-of-the-art studio spaces with top-notch equipment, tools, and technology.

What I Can Do With an Art Management Degree

  • Curator
  • Exhibition designer/coordinator
  • Education coordinator
  • Gallery owner
  • Museum director
  • Program/events coordinator

On Campus

On Campus

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Why study arts management at BVU?

Creative Spaces Abound

BVU’s dedicated studios are large, contemporary, and versatile. Students have easy and ample access to:

Metal Shop – MIG, TIG, ARC, and oxy-acetylene welders; plasma cutter, dry cut saws, band saws, and sand blasting.

Ceramics – Mixing clay, formulating and applying glazes, kiln firing, electric and kick wheels, plus extruders and slab rollers.

Woodshop – Band saw, table saw, panel saw, radial arm saw, sliding compound miter saw, lathe, laser drill press, sanding station, and many hand tools.

Painting – A flexible space with many easels and taborets along with custom pigment mixing for oil, acrylic, and encaustic paints.

Printmaking – Four high-end intaglio and lithograph presses, including lithography stones.

Mac Lab – Mac computers with large monitors, loaded with the most recent version of Adobe CS, several digital scanners, color laser printers, large format printers, and an archival printer.

Gallery Spaces – Two different gallery spaces with customizable lighting and digital projection capabilities.

Theatre Spaces – 350-seat auditorium with a backstage set and prop construction workshop and 800-seat chapel

BVU seeks to unite students with artists, innovators, and creators to mentor and inspire Beavers while showcasing their own talents and work. Artist-in-Residence Program

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Join a Welcoming Community.
Share Remarkable Experiences.

TAYLOR MENENDEZ, Class of 2018

During her time at BVU, Taylor worked as an academic assistant for Art Professor Mary Mello-Nee, where she had the opportunity to experience what running an art gallery was really like. Taylor installed artwork, curated shows, and organized the collection’s inventory. All of this experience prepared Taylor to work at the American Museum of Asmat Art and will prepare her for future museum careers. 

Arts Management Major Tracks and Courses

Pursue your passion with a degree in arts management. We offer tracks in the following areas:

Music | Theatre | Visual Arts

  • Arts Management - Music (62-68 Credit Hours)

    Music Courses (34-41 credit hours)

    • MUSC 110 Introduction to Digital Recording
    • MUSC 111 Music Theory I
    • MUSC 112 Music Theory II
    • MUSC 115 Advanced Digital Recording Techniques
    • MUSC 122 Concert Choir and/or MUSC 127 Concert Band (seven semesters required)
    • MUSC 211 Music Theory III
    • MUSC 212 Music Theory IV
    • MUSC 307 Music History and Literature I
    • MUSC 308 Music History and Literature II
    • MUSC 321 Conducting I
    • MUSC 322 Conducting II
    • Private Lessons (2 semesters piano)
    • Private Lessons (2 semesters voice, wind instrument or string instrument)

    6 credit hours from

    • DIGI 101 Media Studio: Photo
    • DIGI 102 Media Studio: Video
    • DIGI 103 Media Studio: Audio
    • DIGI 104 Media Studio: Web
    • DIGI 302 Advanced Digital Video
    • MUSC 120 Introduction to Music Notation Software

    Business (15 credit hours)

    • ACCT 205 Financial Accounting
    • ECON 200 Economics Foundations
    • MRKT 306 Principles of Marketing
    • MGMT 220 Principles of Management

    6 credit hours from

    • COMM 230 Business and Professional Communication
    • COMM 302 Intercultural Communication or COMM 340 Civic Communication
    • COMM 350 Organizational Communication Theory and Practice
    • COMM 355 Conflict Management or COMM 370 Leadership Communication
    • COMM 374 Interviewing
    • MGMT 315 Business Law I
    • MRKT 355 Consumer Behavior
    • STPR 230 Public Relations Strategies
  • Arts Management - Theatre (58-76.5 Credit Hours)

    • AMGT 225 Fundamentals of Arts Management
    • AMGT 490 Portfolio Project
    • ART/GDES 492 Senior Seminar
    • AMGT 495 Internship in Arts Management
    • COMM 302 Intercultural Communication or COMM 340 Civic Communication or COMM 355 Conflict Management or COMM 370 Leadership Communication
    • DIGI 220 New Media or STPR 230 Public Relations Strategies or ARTD 190 Introduction to Digital Design
    • ECON 200 Economics Foundations or ACCT 205 Financial Accounting
    • FNBK 306 Managerial Finance
    • MGMT 220 Principles of Management
    • MGMT 314 Legal Environment of Business
    • MRKT 306 Principles of Marketing
    • THME 110 Introduction to the Theatre
    • THME 190 Stagecraft or THME 290 Production Design or THME 390 Specialty Design
    • THME 200 Fundamentals of Acting or THME 310 Oral Interpretation of Literature
    • THME 300 Fundamentals of Directing
    • THME 395 Plays by and About Women or THME 405 Advanced Acting or THME 406 Advanced Directing
    • ENGL 411 Dramatic Literature
  • Arts Management - Visual Arts (63 Credit Hours)

    Visual Art and Design Courses (39 credit hours)

    • ARTD 180 Art Foundations: Drawing
    • ARTD 185 Art Foundations: 3D Design
    • ARTD 190 Art Foundations: Digital Design
    • ARTD 195 Portfolio Review
    • ARTD 240 Visual Literacy and Criticism
    • ARTD 250 Life Drawing
    • ARTD 280 Business of Art
    • ARTD 301 Ancient through Roman Art History
    • ARTD 302 Early Christian through Mannerism Art History
    • ARTD 303 Baroque to Modern Art
    • ARTD 304 Critical Issues in Modern and Contemporary Art
    • ARTD 492 Art and Design Capstone
    • ARTD 493 Art and Design Practicum
    • ARTD 495 or AMGT 495 Internship (3 credits)
    • ARTD 496 Gallery Practicum

    6 credit hours from

    • ARTD 260 Typography
    • ARTD 270 Illustration & Storyboards
    • ARTD 310 Painting
    • ARTD 320 Sculpture
    • ARTD 330 Ceramics
    • ARTD 340 Introduction to Printmaking or ARTD 342 Experimental Printmaking
    • ARTD 350 Graphic Design
    • ARTD 355 Interactive Design
    • ARTD 360 Motion Graphics
    • ARTD 365 2D Animation
    • ARTD 367 3D Animation
    • ARTD 410 Studio Production I
    • ARTD 415 Studio Production II
    • ARTD 440 Advanced Topics in Art

    Business/Communication (12 credit hours)

    • ACCT 205 Financial Accounting
    • ECON 205 Principles of Microeconomics
    • MRKT 306 Principles of Marketing
    • MGMT 220 Principles of Management

    6 credit hours from

    • COMM 230 Business and Professional Communication
    • COMM 302 Intercultural Communication or COMM 340 Civic Communication
    • COMM 350 Organizational Communication Theory and Practice
    • COMM 355 Conflict Management or COMM 370 Leadership Communication
    • COMM 374 Interviewing
    • ECON 206 Principles of Macroeconomics
    • STPR 230 Public Relations Strategies
    • MRKT 355 Consumer Behavior
    • MGMT 375 Entrepreneurship/Small Business
    • THME 170 Production Studio: Scenery and THME 272 Production Studio: Properties

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