January Interim

Explore a wide array of personal interests during a three-week program that gives you the opportunity to take travel courses, enroll in enriching classes on campus, and participate in internships.


As a Buena Vista University student, you’ll spend one month – January – each year, diving headlong into a subject through our interim program. You experience an education beyond the typical classroom setting, perhaps traveling anywhere from L.A. to N.Y., or even internationally to places like Paris, Madrid, or Sydney.

Or, you can stay right in Storm Lake for classes unlike any offered the rest of the year. See what it takes to prep a stage for a show while you get to know your theater professor. Bring your Western history course to life by seeing the historic sites in Europe for yourself. Interim courses prepare you for life beyond BVU, by taking you there.

Interim is also a great time to participate in an internship, applying the knowledge you've learned in the classroom to a professional setting. The Career Development office, as well as BVU professors, have the connections you need to take the next step.


Looking back on Interim 2019

January Interim 2019 was an incredible experience for Buena Vista University students. They expanded their creativity and cultural awareness through on-campus courses, domestic and international travel, and exciting internships.


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