Join the Beaver Company at BVU and become eligible for a full-ride scholarship (100% tuition and housing & food covered). Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps is one of the best leadership courses in the country offering classes you can take as electives within your normal college curriculum as you receive specialized training in a program with high standards. 

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Army ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) is one of the best leadership courses in the country and offers classes you can take as electives within your normal college curriculum. You can take up to the first two years of the program without having to contract to serve in the Army.

The ROTC program is for students with two, three, or four years of college remaining, and there is even a program for graduate students. Of course, there are scholarships and other financial programs for every option, but the best part of the program is the training and experience that you can’t find anywhere else on campus. Being a student in ROTC will enhance the quality of your education and will better prepare you for whatever career you pursue.

The Beaver Company

Our cadets are part of the “host” Cyclone Battalion in Ames, which includes students from Iowa State University, Drake University, and Grand View College. Cadets receive high-quality education at Buena Vista University—with most of their training taking place in the Storm Lake area—and participate in combined training with cadets from other schools twice a year at Camp Dodge in Johnston.

Our Strength: The Cadets

We believe the strength of our program lies in the quality of our cadets.

The Reason: Standards

The reason our cadets are so incredibly strong is because we set — and enforce — high standards.

Our Training: Focused

Our training is focused around classes, labs, physical training, and Field Training Exercises.

Our Result: Great Lieutenants

Our program produces highly qualified lieutenants who are well prepared to be U.S. Army officers.


Four-year scholarships available

Students at Buena Vista University who receive Army ROTC scholarships get 100 percent of tuition and fees paid for by the Army, while room and board is paid for by BVU.

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ROTC House
211 College Ave.
Storm Lake, IA 50588

800.383.2821 ext. 1552

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