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The lights go down. A crowd falls silent. For a moment, you can hear everyone breathe in. Not just the audience in their seats but the actors backstage waiting to enter stage left; the crew on the catwalks high above the proscenium; and the light and sound techs in the booths at the back of the house. It’s the excitement of a theatre performance about to begin.

You may know this feeling and the hours of preparation that go into putting on a show. As a theatre minor, you’ll continue developing your skills in acting, writing, directing, designing, stage managing, and costuming. The communication skills you’ll develop can be applied to a wide variety of careers and public speaking situations

Key Personality Traits:

Courses of study

Minor in Theatre: 21 credit hours

THEA 110 Introduction to the Theatre
THEA 220 Fundamentals of Acting
THEA 242 Production and Performance I
THEA 300 Fundamentals of Directing
THEA 352 Production and Performance II
THEA 462 Production and Performance III

3 credit hours from:
THEA 190 Stagecraft or THEA 290 Production Design or THEA 390 Specialty Design

6 credit hours from the following list:
THEA 395 Plays By and About Women
THEA 401 History of Theatre I
THEA 402 History of Theatre II
THEA 405 Advanced Acting
THEA 406 Advanced Directing
THEA 411 Dramatic Literature

Recommended support work
AMGT 425 Topicss in Arts Management
COMM 302 Intercultural Communication
COMM 340 Civic Communication
COMM 355 Conflict Management
DIGI 102 Media Studio II: Video
DIGI 103 Media Studi0 III: Audio
DIGI 210 Media and Society
MUSC 136 Class Voice
Private Voice Lessons (MUSC 161/162, 261/262, 361/362, 461/462)

For information about Teaching Licensures in Theatre, see Communications Studies.

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