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The ability to effectively communicate is among the most widely applicable life and career skills you can develop. It can help you land a job and keep it. It can help you advance your career and maintain personal relationships. All that we do conveys important information about ourselves to others.  It isn’t just professional mediums like newspapers and websites that carefully focus their messages to reach specific audiences. The way you speak with your friends, for example, is different than the way you speak to your family or your teachers. Learning to carefully consider and craft the messages we send is of paramount importance in the information age.

The communication studies program provides a base for furthering your understanding of human interaction and how to shape the messages you convey when you speak and write. It offers classes that focus on specialized aspects of communication, such as communication in groups, leadership, public speaking, and organizational communication. Whether you get a thrill from a good debate or want to sharpen your listening ear, the communication studies program can help you develop your interpersonal communication skills.

Key Personality Traits:

Courses of study

Minor in Communication Studies: 21 credit hours

COMM 100 Fundamentals of Communication
COMM 180 Communication Perspectives
COMM 225 Advanced Interpersonal Communication
COMM 227 Advanced Public Speaking
  or COMM 230 Business and Professional Communication
COMM 302 Intercultural Communication
An additional 6 hours of COMM courses 300 or above (one course must be from among COMM 350 Organizational Communication Theory and Practice, COMM 370 Leadership Communication, or COMM 442 Communication Theory)

Minor in Communication Studies & Theatre With Teaching Licensure (5-12): 24 credit hours

COMM 100 Fundamentals of Communication
COMM 227 Advanced Public Speaking
COMM 300 Argumentation
DIGI 210 Media and Society
THEA 110 Introduction to the Theatre
THEA 220 Fundamentals of Acting
THEA 260 Oral Interpretation of Literature
THEA 300 Fundamentals of Directing
Plus requirements for secondary education and education core

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