Archives Volunteers

Students may volunteer in the Archives 1-2 hours per week, provided they commit to volunteering for one full semester under the supervision of the archivist. They must be able to accommodate a flexible, ever-changing schedule. The archivist will give prospective volunteers a brief introduction to archives work, and they will be expected to read several articles or book chapters to complete their self-education before starting to work. Typically, one or two volunteers may be accepted in any given semester. If more than two students are interested in volunteering, each student will be interviewed to determine their fitness for the position. In exceptional cases, more than two volunteers may be accepted in a semester.

Especially in the first half of the semester, volunteers will coordinate their work schedules to fit the archivist’s work schedule. Because the archivist also staffs the Ask Us desk and the rotations change from day-to-day and week-to-week, volunteers must be flexible as to when they work. Volunteers can expect to perform lower level tasks, but they will gain an exposure to archival work and be able to marry theory with practice.

Archives internships are no longer available, due to a reduction in library staff.

This statement is subject to revision, as needed, at any time.

December 6, 2018

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