Prepare to Launch

What you do in college sets you up for everything that comes next—so make the most of it. Our science, education, and business programs offer an awesome combination: courses that both challenge and intrigue you, professors who want you to succeed, and unexpectedly life-changing opportunities both on-and off-campus.



Push the boundaries of knowledge—and your own potential. Our professors work side-by-side with you, whether you're conducting research at the bench, completing a grant application, or presenting findings to scholars in the field—your achievement is their cause for celebration.


Remarkable resources, ultimate support

You want to study genetic disorders, or be a doctor. You imagine changing people's lives through pharmaceutical research, or teaching high school chemistry. No matter your goal, we'll get you there. Work in cutting-edge labs at any time of day or night, and study in lounges that house fresh - and saltwater aquariums. Add passionate faculty and paid internships, and you'll see how we prepare scientists who make a difference.

Biological Sciences

In this program, you might get the chance to talk one-on-one with a leading cancer researcher at the Mayo Clinic. Or you might travel to Tanzania to observe nurses working with HIV/AIDS patients. Biological sciences is not just a subject at BVU—it's a calling.


Make data come alive. Whether you're conducting chemical analyses or developing pharmaceutical treatments, you'll learn the practical application of putting mind over actual matter. And the formula works—our chem majors enjoy 100% job or graduate school placement after graduation.


You'll study with experienced professors who are ready to connect you to relevant opportunities. Our undergraduates have interned with Mayo Clinic, St. Jude Children's Hospital, and the Plant Genome Research Project at Cornell University, among many others. Boosted by our faculty, you'll soar.



Move to the head of the class. An education degree from BVU is its own endorsement, resulting in 100% job placement after graduation. Our broad coursework uniquely prepares you for diverse classroom experiences, from elementary to special education.


A chain reaction of real-life learning

Immerse yourselves in an education program that energizes you to change the world through learning. In class, you'll grasp the foundation of just what it means to be an educator. Outside of class, you could mentor middle school students, teach English in South Korea, intern for world-class sports teams, and student teach all over Iowa.

It's what we do

We started as a teacher's college, and we're proud that 100% of our education majors land in a job or graduate school within six months of graduating. We're also proud of our special education major, which readies students to help exceptional children in a high-demand field.

How do you want to make an impact?

Knowledgeable and Caring

Our professors remember their early days of teaching, so they know exactly the kind of support you need. At the same time, they’ll push you to become an educator unbound by convention. By exploring innovative approaches, using the most current learning equipment, and sharing deep wisdom, they ensure your resume will stand out.



Get ready to lead from day one. Whether you're studying accounting or entrepreneurship, our cross-disciplinary approach will prepare you for anything. Future employers will see just how irreplaceable you are.


Compete in today's hottest markets

Whether you're starting a new company or working for a cause you believe in, a business degree from BVU gives you a broadly applicable set of skills for leadership. Put theory into action, work on case studies, strengthen your ethical foundation, intern at thriving organizations, and travel—all with a committed team of faculty on your side.

The tools to succeed

Our graduates are everywhere and everything—Wall Street financial advisors, restaurant owners, "Big Four" accounting executives, market researchers, and sports team managers, to name a few. At BVU, they might have interned in London, attended the Okoboji Entrepreneurial Institute, or researched the economic impact of a sports stadium.

Empowering and Committed

Whether you're launching a nonprofit in Africa or a hip online storefront, you'll benefit from the knowledge and experience of our professors. While modeling wisdom, humanity, and integrity, they’ll prepare you for a rapidly changing business environment. You'll not only learn the ins and outs of the business world-you'll learn to trust yourself.

Available and Accessible

"I love that in the School Of Business, we have our own little place to hang out around our professor’s offices. It increases our ability to succeed because it’s such an interactive place."

Callie Hoffman