Be a Priority. File the FAFSA.

File your FAFSA early to be one step closer to significant college savings! When you file, be sure to use Buena Vista University's code: 001847.


Know the Facts

Don’t make a decision until you know all there is to know about your financial aid possibilities! Follow the process to see the full picture of your financial assistance:

  1. Apply for admission. Your application acts as your BVU scholarship application. Apply to BVU 
  2. File the FAFSA to fill in the blanks of your financial assistance picture. When you file, don’t forget to use BVU’s code: 001847! File the FAFSA now

Make It Affordable

Scholarships, grants, and other types of BVU aid

The majority of your financial assistance will be from BVU. We wholeheartedly believe in making college affordable, so we offer generous scholarships and grants that don't need to be repaid!

Types of BVU Aid

Filing is the Key

"It’s so important that you file the FAFSA as soon as possible, and I tell this to everyone. This way, you’ll have a better idea of how much money you’ll save when applying to schools- including BVU!"

— Lindsay Martin, admissions counselor