Retention Policy for Graduate Students

Following successful completion of the first three courses, the student must continue to maintain a
cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0 in order to remain in good standing. If the cumulative
grade point average drops below 3.0 at the end of any semester, the student may continue to attend for one more semester with the approval of the Graduate Council. If, following approval to continue through a probationary period, the CGPA has been raised to 3.0, the student may continue with the program in good standing. Students who fail to improve to the level of good standing after one semester of probation will be dismissed from the program. Courses with a grade lower than "C" do not count toward the degree and must be repeated.

The structure of the curricular offerings necessitates that students maintain active continuous enrollment in the program. If students find it necessary to skip a semester offering, they may maintain good standing if the course can be made up at a later time. However, if the student fails to enroll for two consecutive semesters, he or she will be classified as inactive and advisory services will be curtailed.

If, for whatever reason, a student fails to engage in continuous enrollment (as defined above), he or
she must petition the Graduate Council for consideration for re-admittance. The petition must be done formally in writing to the assistant dean of education and graduate studies, and must outline the student's request and plan for program completion. Depending on the circumstances of a student's departure from the program and the availability of space in the current cohorts, the Graduate Council may provide varied recommendations and requirements for re-admittance. Students will be notified in writing, of the council's decision and re-entry requirements.