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I/We will take full/partial financial responsibility for his/her educational and living expenses for the duration of his/her studies at your institution. I/We will send to Buena Vista University, 610 West Fourth Street, Storm Lake, Iowa 50588, official bank statement(s) signed by a bank official evidencing the total U.S. Dollar equivalent of $.
I/We , hereby certify that I have funds available for my education at your institution in the U.S. Dollar amount of $, as evidenced by official bank statement(s) signed by a bank official, which I will send to Buena Vista University, 610 West Fourth Street, Storm Lake, Iowa 50588.

Check List - Admissions Requirements for International Students at Buena Vista University

All documents must be original or attested/certified copy.

I. Submit an International Application for Admission.
II. Submit official records with English translations from every academic institution attended beginning with the first year of secondary school.
III. Submit TOEFL or IELTS score.
IV. Submit a certified bank statement, from either a parent or legal guardian.
V. Submit a copy of your passport.

The admissions committee will determine eligibility for admission after the above information has been received. The I-20 will be sent once the student has been offered admission.
VI. Fall application deadline: May 1. Spring application deadline:October 1.

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I certify that I have accurately completed this application and will send all required documents. I request that my application be considered for admission into your university.

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