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For more information about BVU residence halls, visit bvu.edu/reslife.

If you know of new students enrolling at BVU, or returning BVU students, and both/all of you would like to room together, please enter their names below. Your preferred roommate must also complete a Housing Application by June 1. All roommates must inform us of the preference for the assignment to take place.

4. Roommate Preferences Survey

These preferences are used only as a guide. Successful living arrangements depend upon the dedication and work of all individuals. A part of living on campus is learning to appreciate differences and develop your life skills. Dealing with others will ultimately benefit you after your college experience. To make certain this questionnaire is as accurate and helpful as possible, we ask that you complete this form yourself — this questionnaire needs to reflect who you are as a person. Information contained within this form is for the sole use of the Office for Student Affairs in the housing assignment process.

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If you have any pertinent medical information that could, in any way, affect your stay here or be beneficial for the Office for Student Affairs to know in case of an emergency, please make note of this below:

If there is anything else you think would be helpful to the Office for Student Affairs in the housing assignment process, feel free to provide additional comments on the lines below.

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