Elizabeth Heffernan used every ounce of determination she had at Buena Vista University to secure her future at law school — a future three generations in the making.

As a May 2014 graduate with degrees in English and political science, Elizabeth will attend the University of Iowa College of Law. She attributes the challenging coursework in BVU's pre-law program to her acceptance at U of I and four other universities.

“At BVU, I was able to improve my writing skills, and learn to persevere when it came to completing complex assignments. Now I'm very excited to begin law school and go further in depth into topics I covered during my undergraduate studies at BVU.”

Elizabeth also says her undergrad work gave her the competitive edge in the application process and the confidence to tackle the rigor of law school.

During Elizabeth's four years at BVU, she balanced her academic interests with co-curricular programs and activities. Her role in the Innocence Project of Iowa gave her the chance to review wrongful conviction, and taking part in Mock Trial let Elizabeth imagine a career in law. These opportunities helped Elizabeth lay the groundwork for an internship at Marzulla Law Firm in Washington D.C. where she was introduced to topics in law involving private property, the Fifth Amendment, and the government's responsibility.

Elizabeth's experience was more than just books and internships. She also participated in tennis, choir, and several service projects, both domestic and abroad. Elizabeth says, "Because of all of the great opportunities that contributed to the person who I am today, I wouldn't want to choose anywhere else but BVU."

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