Dual Admissions Program

Providing access to BVU benefits and guidance during the community college experience, ensuring a smooth transfer to BVU to earn a bachelor’s degree.


Enrolling in the dual admissions program allows BVU to deepen our commitment to our students’ success as early as possible. Students enrolled in the program are guaranteed admission to BVU, a free transcript exchange between the community college and BVU, and have access to personal BVU academic advising and mentoring. Other benefits include:

  • Early orientation and scheduling access
  • Assistance from a financial specialist on topics such as FAFSA, financial aid, scholarships, and more.
  • A free, one-credit course required for graduation


Dual admissions students must be enrolled in, and plan to graduate from, a partner community college with an associate’s degree and a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater.


Complete the BVU application form & check the dual admissions interest box on the application.