Multicultural Club and Student Organizations


The Multicultural Engagement Leadership Team (MELT) at Buena Vista University serves as the executive student committee within the Office of Multicultural Engagement (OME). MELT is comprised of Multicultural Scholars, and students that have a passion for spreading multiculturalism. This distinguished team of student leaders assists the OME, by contributing in the development and execution of events organized by the OME & SA as well as collaborating with other student organizations upon request to enhance their programs and activities. Commitment and dedication are required for the team to function effectively. Follow MELT on Facebook at:

Basic Qualifications – To be considered for a student leadership position within MELT, students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 and be able to demonstrate knowledge, skills, experiences and commitments to Inclusivity, Leadership, and Service.


Asian Culture Club (ACC)

The purpose of this organization is to celebrate the Asian American Pacific Islander culture and to educate the campus community in an effort to promote understanding within the the Buena Vista University campus community.  AAPIA's primary functions are to address stereotypes and misconceptions of Asian Americans and provide opportunities for students to embrace our culture.  One of the ways AAPIA accomplishes this goal is by celebrating Asian Awareness Month. 

Signature Programs: Moon Festival, Exotic Food Challenge, Chinese New Year, Korean Culture Day, Japanese Culture Day. Follow ACC on Facebook at 

Black Student Union (BSU)

The purpose of the organization is to enrich Black culture on BVU's campus through programming and education. The Black Student Union aims to increase Black student involvement on campus, create tradition of events, set the precedence of success for black students at BVU, enhance the social experience, have Black students value themselves and their culture, educate the BVU community, and bring awareness to social justice issues that affect minority communities.

Signature Programs: Discussions, Black History Month Events, Feed Your Soul (Soul Food Fundraiser). Follow BSU on Facebook at

International Club

The International Club promotes international/intercultural awareness and interaction for the students of BVU. Moreover, the International Club serves to provide international students with an opportunity to promote the customs and cultures from their home countries, as well as offer students who have participated in a study abroad program to share their knowledge and experience.  The International Club sponsors events to promote cultural exchange as well as address  the misconceptions and stereotypes related to foreign countries.

Signature Programs: International Taste Night, Karaoke Night. Follow the International Club on Facebook at


OASIS is the Organized for the Active Support for International Students. This organization provides peer mentors to interested international students during their first semester at Buena Vista University.  OASIS members are student volunteers who support and contribute their knowledge and experience to new international students and provide information about BVU services. Members encourage academic success, and foster a sense of belonging within the campus community for international students.

Signature Programs: Coffee Chats, New International Student Orientation, Crepe Fundraiser. Follow OASIS on Facebook at:

RAICES (Spanish for "Roots")

RAICES is a student organization designed to increase the visibility and heighten the awareness of students of Latin descent. Additionally, the focal point of RAICES is to promote diversity, while serving as a safe haven of expression of thoughts and freedom of speech. Moreover, RAICES is dedicated to dispelling the social myths of Latin Americans today.

Signature Programs: Fiesta Latina, Tamale Socials, Halloween Party, Dia De Los Muertos, Dia De Los Reyes. Follow RAICES on Facebook at: