Pierce and White Halls

Pierce Hall and White Halls are our classic residence halls, with modern amenities. Each hall has several lounges with comfortable seating, televisions, and a kitchen. The two halls are connected to each other through a skywalk and spacious atrium, and to the Harold Walter Siebens Forum via an underground walkway. About 200 students live in each building.


Room Layout

  • 11.6 feet wide by 15.5 feet long, nearly 8 feet high.
  • All furniture in the room is movable except the heating/cooling unit which is located below the window.
  • All university-provided furniture must remain in the room.
  • Each room is furnished with:
    • 2 beds (85.75" long, 38.25" wide, 36" high, 71" high when lofted)
    • 2 desks (42" long, 23" wide, 30" high) with chairs
    • 2 dressers (35.75" long, 23" wide, 30" high)
    • 2 wardrobes 35.5" long, 22" wide, 76.25" high)
Floor plan of a room in Pierce and White Halls