Campus Life

At Buena Vista University you'll grow. You'll learn. And you'll become the person you're meant to be. BVU will become a part of you- a part that you're really proud of. We'll make sure you're living well and getting involved in all the right activities.


Buena Vista (which literally means "Beautiful View") is an inspiring setting in which to learn, but there’s also a lot to do. With 20+ intercollegiate athletic teams, dozens of student organizations and several facilities designed for recreation and fellowship, just about everyone you run into is going to be involved, making a difference or simply enjoying themselves.


Residence Halls

Living with style

We match students up with a roommate who they share traits in common with. You'll meet lifelong friends in your residence hall, stay warm and walk underground to class with, and may even decide to room with them in the suites after that!

Living Arrangements

Campus Dining

We take food seriously at BVU, which means our coffee shop isn't without Starbucks, an ice-cream machine, and grab-and-go snacks. And when it comes to dinner, steak night is a can't miss. Students meet at "the serve" and have different meal options every day that satisfies even the hungriest football player.

Campus Dining
Students walk through the Victory Arch

First-Year Experience

Here to help you every step of the way.

At BVU, we go beyond summer orientation to make sure you’re on the right track. Once you’ve named BVU as your new home, we provide opportunities for you to make BVU campus connections, meet resourceful faculty and staff, create an overall sense of well-being, and enhance your academic success. 

The First-Year Experience

Having Fun

Students thrive at BVU, and it's not just because of academics, the travel opportunities, and major awards. It’s the midnight movies with friends, s'mores by the lakeside campfire, cheering on the team from the student section, and planning activities like homecoming competitions and humans vs. zombies. College is supposed to be the time of your life, and that's why students choose BVU.

Campus Security

Don’t worry about walking across campus from your friend’s room back to yours after a 12 a.m. Netflix binge. You’re safe here.

Health Services

Free flu shot? Check. Jammed finger after the game? Check. Feel the sniffles coming on right before finals? Visit us any time!

Athletic Training

You don’t need to be an athlete at BVU to be treated like one. The equipment and staff is for everyone- even our full-time strength and conditioning coach.

Campus Ministry

Engage in your faith, whatever it may be, comfortably at BVU. Meet in the chapel, Rev. Meissner’s office, or pray at another place in town when and where you wish.