The residence halls are open much of the school year, except for Christmas Break. During Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Interim Break, Spring Break, and Easter Break, the residence halls will not close but there are no dining services available during this time. There is no additional charge for staying during these break periods.

Students may request permission from the Office of Residence Life & Housing to stay on campus during Christmas break by using the Break Request link or on Beavernet. Please understand that there are 4 days within the Christmas break period that the residence halls are completely closed, and residents will need to make other housing accommodations during that time.

Students must be enrolled in an interim course, and must meet one or more of the following criteria to be allowed to stay over Christmas break:

  • The student lives more than 500 miles from campus.
  • The student is required to stay for academic reasons — email verification by instructor or academic advisor.
  • The student is required to stay for a campus activity — email verification by coach or advisor.
  • The student must work on campus — verified by supervisor.
  • The student has an off-campus job – verified by work supervisor.