Student Support Programs

Success Coaching

A handful of students are selected to participate in this program that provides 1 to 1 weekly coaching to students. Coaches meet with students to discuss goals and strategies to help reach those goals that will lead to sustained student success. Students that participated in the Success Coach program during the fall 2010 had a first-semester GPA over 0.4 higher than students that were invited to participate in Success Coaching and did not attend.

BVU Welcome Chats

All new students to Buena Vista in both the fall and spring semester are invited to these one on one one-time chats in the Common Grounds Coffee Shop. Chats are designed for students to develop a new connection on campus while also enjoying a free beverage and getting their questions answered. This has been a great touch point for new students to the University.

Student Commission on Retention

Student Commission on Retention (SCR) was developed by the Office of Intercultural Programs as an organization for new students at the University to gain valuable leadership experience. SCR aspires to provide educational, entertaining and service-oriented opportunities for students. Annual SCR events include a speed social, community-wide Easter egg hunt and educational programs on such topics as sex education and study skills.

Registration and Orientation Programs

The Director of Retention & Student Support  assists in the planning and implementation of summer registration programs for new students and serves as the lead contact for fall Orientation program on campus. Buena Vista University strives to create a unique experience in both of these programs by providing many opportunities for students to connect with one another and the University while also orientating students to campus resources and campus life. Students have the opportunity to stay overnight on campus during the registration programs to become even more acclimated to campus life. The Orientation program provides fun activities such as University Seminar Olympics, Comedy Sportz improv group, King’s Pointe Water Park and the Johnny Holm Band as well as interactive educational activities such as the Footprint Project, a competition among University Seminar classes to determine the best way for BVU to reduce its carbon footprint.

University Seminar

University Seminar is a 4-credit class offered in the fall semester to new students at BVU. Each class has its own subject content with a global theme and also focuses on transition issues common to new students at the University. In addition to the classroom experience, students are also required to attend weekly sessions that deal with such topics as financial management, sex and alcohol education, global perspectives sessions and numerous other topics important to new students. Students also participate in a common reading including a special visit from the author.

MAP-Works/ Early Alert

MAP-Works is a computer-based program that administers a survey to students four times during the year (3 weeks and 10 weeks into each semester). The survey measures a student’s progress on such areas as academic behaviors, social/emotional and financial. Faculty and staff also can notify the early alert team of any student concerns through the MAP-Works system. The Early Alert team meets weekly to review these alerts and construct a plan on how to address and rectify each student concern. MAP-Works also has the ability to share note and contact information.