Publishing at IPRV is about storytelling. We believe there is no better way to teach, inspire, and connect human beings to one another.

We work hard to build value for our readers. All of our publications, both fiction and non-fiction, contain materials that will appeal to the layperson and the professional. And while we do not flinch at discussing the realities of relationship violence, our titles begin and end with the hopeful message that there is indeed grace in every experience.

Each of our books is designed to work interactively with supplemental educational programs. The titles below make an ideal gift for someone you care about who has concerns about relationship violence. The books also are ideal for personal and professional education or as a collaborative theme for a classroom, conference, corporate training program, or community outreach initiative.

Available Titles

Voices of Hope

Voices of Hope

This profoundly moving anthology tells the stories of eleven women and men who have experienced violent relationships and have emerged on the other side as stronger, more compassionate human beings. The stories include accounts of child abuse, dating violence, and domestic violence and though the violence is truly horrific, the courage these writers display as they describe how them moved through victimization and survivorship to return to wholeness, is an inspiration to us all. Individually and collectively, the stories in Voices of Hope create a powerful model for healing for those whose lives are touched by violence and the friends, family, and professionals who support them.

The Professional Guide that follows the narratives discusses violence prevention for academic, non-profit, government, and for-profit organizations. The Guide also includes a synopsis of the research that was utilized to design the narrative therapy protocol that gave rise to the book.

Voices of Hope is designed to work interactively with an outreach initiative of the same name. This initiative includes a stage performance, continuing education workshops for professionals, and resource materials for the general public.

Before the Boil

Before the Boil

This ground-breaking work combines the personal narratives of those who have experienced romantic, platonic, and professional violence with original research that documents the early warning signs of a potentially violent relationship. The end result is a template of easily understood behaviors that teaches individuals how to recognize and respond effectively to early warning signs so they can prevent the cycle of violence from becoming part of their lives. Though focused on the primary prevention of violence, Before the Boil also serves as a useful resource for those who are currently in a violent relationship and for the public and professionals who seek to understand the dynamics of relationship violence.

The Professional Guide that follows provides an overview of the original research that was conducted to identify the early warning signs of violence and offers practical suggestions for teaching the warning signs to individuals and groups.

Before the Boil is designed to work interactively with an outreach initiative by the same name. The initiative includes developmentally appropriate teaching materials for students of all ages, including adults.

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