Lighting Information

Lighting Information

Console: ETC Element with NET3 RFR wireless remote, iPad control available by special arrangement.

Dimmers: Strand CD-80 rack with 96 2.4KW dimmer modules.

24 Source 4 19* Ellipsoidals 
24 Source  4 26* Ellipsoidals
24 Source 4 36* Ellipsoidals
48 Source 4 6” Parnels
4  4-color strip lights (red, blue, amber, green)
4  3-color strip lights (red, blue, amber)

Follow Spots: (2) Lycian Midget 2K

Electrical: 100Amp 3 phase disconnect switch located down stage left. Other arrangements may be available, at the discretion of campus electrician

Dimmer Plot

schaller dimmer plot